My Valentine to You

Well I didn't have a girl to be my Valentine this year, so I decided that I'd learn a love song and play it for you. Of course what could be better than a little Elvis? Happy Valentine's Day! Hope… Read more

Merry Christmas

I decided to make a video of me playing my favorite Christmas tune, Oh Holy Night. I have never really been able to pick like this, but the spirit moved me and I think I may have actually done the… Read more


According to N1M website, a site which tracks music by plays and favorites around the globe ACE STARRY's song CATISH made it's debut in the top 10 and within a four weeks has climbed it's way to the numberRead more

The C'rocker!

Spent the morning working on an idea I've had for sometime. I've wanted to make a poster or tee shirt that would introduce my hand sign called "the c'rocker." It's simply the mix between the old "rock on" hand signal,…Read more

New Song on the Way

Been quietly working on a new single. But get this.. I've got a co-writer and I'm not going to be the singer on this one. I've never written a song with another person before in my life, but I was…Read more

Nashvegas New Year's Really C'rocked!


Happy NashVegas 2015!

Last night was the party of the year! Literally, 127,000 people came to Lower Broadway in Nashville to celebrate New Year's Eve. What a Celebration it was, I couldn't believe how out of control crowded it was.…Read more

Announcing the Ace Cadet's™ Member Page

If you are here for the first time, then you're not signed up as an Ace Cadet™. But we have just added a special place for members to find their insider information about Ace Starry and The Nashvegas Sound. Here…Read more

Holiday Cheers!

One of my favorite sexy singers here in NashVegas is the talented Brittany Bexton. She and I have joined forces to throw what we are calling "Ace and Brittany's Naughty and Nice Party." It revolves around a secret santa type…Read more

Exciting News 

Last weekend I was in The Stage, a honky tonk club here in NashVegas, watching my buddy John Karl rock his band. I've been trying to figure a way to get my butt on that stage without becoming a cover…Read more