Nashvegas New Year's Really C'rocked!


Happy NashVegas 2015!

Last night was the party of the year! Literally, 127,000 people came to Lower Broadway in Nashville to celebrate New Year's Eve. What a Celebration it was, I couldn't believe how out of control crowded it was. Last year there were on 70,000 people. I spent the first part of the evening at my fave haunt in the Gulch, where I live, Bar Louis. After a couple drinks and an appetizer I actually hopped on the free bus that takes you from The Gulch to Downtown. It only went as far as 8th but that's because the streets were blocked off for the festivities. It was long lines at the clubs probably an hour wait in the cold to get into most, but being a VIP (haha), The Rock 'n Roll Cowboy didn't have to wait in line. So I partied at The Stage and then over to The Wheel to watch my buddy's THE ESKIMO BROTHERS play. It was a fun night, and I even got my New Year's kiss at midnight. So the year is starting off right!

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