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Let's C'rock™!!! Ace Starry and The Nashvegas Sound™ have a new sound they call "C'rockin'™." It's more than just country and rock mixed. When producing his hit song Rockin' NashVegas, Starry asked,"What would Elvis had done if he were alive, in his prime, singing in Nashville, TN, the music capital of the world, today?"

'Superbowl' Benjamin

Ace took his Rockabilly guitar sound, base, and drums and added a horn section, (The Horn Dogs™) to give it a more Las Vegas style. Then he added female harmony background singers as Elvis would often do in his music. But to give it that true Nashville sound, he added a country fiddle to the mix. This unique sound was so well received that he decided to do all his songs in the same style. And that was how The NashVegas Sound was created.

Ace then set out to find the best performing musicians in Nashville and possible the world to create his "dream team" band. After two years of scouring the clubs and bands to find the best "hired guns" in the business he has created his first string.

Daniel French

Starting off with a guy nicknamed "Superbowl" at lead guitar is Kyle Benjamin. Kyle has been touring and featured with many bands including the resident John Karl Band at The Stage on Nashville's Lower Broadway Strip. 

At the bass from NY is Daniel French, the in house band player at Legend's Bar in downtown NashVegas. Daniel versed in many instruments and a fine vocalist, has been performing live for over 20 years.

Possibly the world's most talented fiddle player joins the band. Michelle Lambert is featured on the single FIDDLE ON FIRE. Her fiddle talents are well known throughout the Nashville community. Hailing from San Francisco, Michelle is a featured artist for the

Michelle Lambert

famous Scott Collier band at the world famous Tootsies in Nashville. She is classically trained at violin but is able to C'rock it! Perhaps she is best known for the fact that she often will "blow fire" at the end of her performance. This demonstration is what caught the eye of Ace and inspired him to write FIDDLE ON FIRE for Michelle to play. For complete profiles on all the dream team band members check out the About the Band tab above.

Hiring The NashVegas Sound to perform for your organization gives you more than just a band. It's comedy, magic, and audience interactive fun, bringing in the top Nashville players so you're crowd can experience the best of The Music City. From Lower Broadway we feature the locally famous to perform the popular standards backed up by the 13 piece band. From Midtown, we bring the singers making their own new country music and even the best singer/songwriters performing at places like The Blue Bird Cafe.

Make your entertainment more than just a band, make it an experience they will never forget and a sound they will carry in their hearts for the rest of their lives,
The NashVegas Sound.

Ace Cadet™ News!

My Valentine to You 

Well I didn't have a girl to be my Valentine this year, so I decided that I'd learn a love song and play it for you. Of course what could be better than a little Elvis? Happy Valentine's Day! Hope you enjoy.

Merry Christmas 

I decided to make a video of me playing my favorite Christmas tune, Oh Holy Night. I have never really been able to pick like this, but the spirit moved me and I think I may have actually done the song justice. I kept it to a single verse because it's the only one I really know by heart and I didn't want to have to read the lyrics. So have yourself a merry little Christmas and enjoy.

RUBY RED LIPS - Moves to Number One  

It's amazing the kind of reception the NashVegas Sound music has been getting over at numberonemusic.com. We have had numerous songs from the hit album ROCKIN' NASHVEGAS hit the top ten on the charts and even a couple reach number one in the Rockabilly genre. But this is the first time one of our songs has crossed onto the AmerIcana Genre and taken it's place as NUMBER 1 IN THE WORLD! The song that has done it is RUBY RED LIPS. A sultry sounding tango of a song that Ace wrote just to try to write something as sexy as he could imagine. Well being inspired by the red lips of a girl he met on cam in a cam chat room, he sat and wrote the song to her and her sexy lips along with her smokey dark eyes. He says that he almost completed the song right while he was singing to her on line. It was recorded later with Mike Loudermilk in his west Nashville studio along with Haley Blue, a very sultry voiced German vocalist. The sexy sound of the word, "kiss" repeated in the background gives it an almost haunting sexy sound.

Well, when he finally had a finished song he decided to give it a try out on the Nashville writer's night circuit. The very first bar he'd play the song was called Bobby's Idle Hour, a famous little dive on Music Row in Nashville. Ace was sitting between two other song writers, a guy to his left and an attractive girl to his right, each taking their turns playing their songs. Ace introduced his song saying, "I just wanted to write something a little different, something sexy and sultry. I hope you'll like it." Well, he played the song for the very first time. It is a song that explores the fantasy of a man who sees a beautiful woman walk into the room and his desire to just go for it and kiss her. He is pulled over by her magic spell and is willing to take a risk, but just as he decides to kiss her, she instead kisses him.

Well, the song must have made quite the first impression, because as soon as the song was over and the crowd was applauding, the girl sitting next to Ace, stood up, walked over to him, and planted an open mouth wet kiss on him. He was quite caught off guard and all he could say was, "Well, I guess that song worked." Please check out the song RUBY RED LIPS.


Don't Get Hooked on a Catfish - Rockabilly Song by Ace StarryAccording to N1M website, a site which tracks music by plays and favorites around the globe ACE STARRY's song CATISH made it's debut in the top 10 and within a four weeks has climbed it's way to the number one #rockabilly  song in the nation. Catfish, a song about a guy falling for a woman using a fake web profile,  was originally released on Ace's LOST IN PARADISE album, however it was reworked for the soon to be released album ROCKIN' NASHVEGAS, Rare Bird Press. Starry took the original plain rockabilly sound and moved it into his new sound he calls C'rockin'™. His sound was forged as a mix of old style country and rock and roll. By taking the original rockabilly sound and adding, horns, background vocals and a country fiddle this unique sound has taken the Rockabilly Charts by storm. He currently has 5 of his songs from the Rockin' NashVegas! album in the top 10 in the US. Numberonemusic allows music to be charted within' it's own genre, and shows a true picture of how popular a song is with it's listeners. Other sites may have distinct genres but often they include the Rockabilly sound within the roots, country and almost all encompassing "American" sound. His distinctly different song RUBY RED LIPS has managed to find itself in a top ten spot in the world in the Americana genera. The song released as a single last year can now be found at #4 in the world. Ace Starry and his band The NashVegas Sound are currently booking out of Nashville, TN.

The C'rocker! 

Spent the morning working on an idea I've had for sometime. I've wanted to make a poster or tee shirt that would introduce my hand sign called "the c'rocker." It's simply the mix between the old "rock on" hand signal, or sometimes even thought of as a metal heads hand sign. Actually it was probably made that way by that stupid cartoon.. stupid funny.. Bevus and Butthead. But I have a secret. That hand signal has an insiders meaning to it besides being the sign for "C'rock on!" it happens to be a sex secret... lol. We will see if anyone reads these blogs. So check out the poster I've come up with to go along with the explanation.

New Song on the Way 

Been quietly working on a new single. But get this.. I've got a co-writer and I'm not going to be the singer on this one. I've never written a song with another person before in my life, but I was given the opportunity to work with the beautiful and talented Pearl Clarkin. Pearl was looking for something upbeat and fun to add to her repertoire. Well we've

Pearl Clarkin

had one writing session and we were able to come up with the basic context of the song. The song is about a girl who wants to get the men to put down their phones and get off the Internet and ask her to dance. It's going to be a C'rockin' tune.

Nashvegas New Year's Really C'rocked!  


Happy NashVegas 2015!

Last night was the party of the year! Literally, 127,000 people came to Lower Broadway in Nashville to celebrate New Year's Eve. What a Celebration it was, I couldn't believe how out of control crowded it was. Last year there were on 70,000 people. I spent the first part of the evening at my fave haunt in the Gulch, where I live, Bar Louis. After a couple drinks and an appetizer I actually hopped on the free bus that takes you from The Gulch to Downtown. It only went as far as 8th but that's because the streets were blocked off for the festivities. It was long lines at the clubs probably an hour wait in the cold to get into most, but being a VIP (haha), The Rock 'n Roll Cowboy didn't have to wait in line. So I partied at The Stage and then over to The Wheel to watch my buddy's THE ESKIMO BROTHERS play. It was a fun night, and I even got my New Year's kiss at midnight. So the year is starting off right!

Announcing the Ace Cadet's™ Member Page 

If you are here for the first time, then you're not signed up as an Ace Cadet™. But we have just added a special place for members to find their insider information about Ace Starry and The Nashvegas Sound. Here is where they also can get their FREE STUFF! Like right now for joining Ace Cadets are receiving a free unreleased EP called Midlife Crises. It has four songs, one of which can only be found on the EP. That song is SUGAR DADDY.  Be sure and check out the Ace Cadets, but signing up right here on the front page.

C'rock On!


Holiday Cheers! 

One of my favorite sexy singers here in NashVegas is the talented Brittany Bexton. She and I have joined forces to throw what we are calling "Ace and Brittany's Naughty and Nice Party." It revolves around a secret santa type game where each guest has to bring one Naughty and one Nice gift to the party. I'm having it at my residence party room here in the Icon in Nashville. If you signed up as an Ace Cadet and would like to join us, this is one of the perks you get for joining up. Send me a message via my contact form for details. Of course you'd be required to bring a naughty and nice gift.

Exciting News  

Last weekend I was in The Stage, a honky tonk club here in NashVegas, watching my buddy John Karl rock his band. I've been trying to figure a way to get my butt on that stage without becoming a cover band and doing exactly what John has done. He and many others do it so well, it would be hard to compete, and I consider myself a little long in  the tooth actually to just get started as a cover band. So I've been trying to figure out a way to work around that and actually play my own songs in those clubs. Well other than getting famous first by having a huge hit on the radio, I've not been able to think of a way. However, that Saturday night I think I may have thought of a way to make it happen.

And if it works, it's a win-win for everyone. The club owners should love it because it will make them more money, the bands should love it because they will make more money, and it will accomplish exactly what I want to. So I'm working on my proposal to the clubs right now. If they buy in, it will be a game changer for Ace Starry, the rock 'n roll cowboy.

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